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The Salon de la Vie Difference

A visit to Salon de la Vie is welcoming celebration of beauty, inside and out! With more than 40 years of combined experience in the hair industry, co-owners and creative directors Angie and Douglas Bullman give clients not just a fresh haircut and color but a lifetime of refined knowledge. Angie has been recognized industry-wide for her creativity and knowledge and Douglas’ artistic vision and studies of color/light dynamics make him one of the most innovative colorist/stylists working today.


This husband-and-wife team fosters a team-oriented environment in which everyone works together to deliver the best possible experience to all who step through the door. Committed to the cutting edge of style, they attend leading hair shows all over the country each year, and are members of the prestigious Intercoiffure organization. Additionally, their advanced education seminars are in demand by stylists and salon owners nationwide, as they nurture the next generation of stylists

Executive Co-Owners

Creative Director + Master Colorist

Douglas Bullman

Co-founder with his wife Angie, Douglas is our senior master colorist. His loves are his family and his business and enjoys spending his days off attending church, and spending lots of quality time with the kids.

Creative Director + Master Stylist

Angie Bullman

Proud co-founder, Angie is our head stylist and she just loves living and working in Roswell. On her days off she enjoys attending Northpoint Church and taking the kids to sports and family outings.

Our Team of Specialists

Master Stylist

Ashley Sammis

Master Stylist At Salon de la Vie since 2007


After high school, Ashley had planned to study interior design, but ultimately decided that she could bring her creativity to more clients as a hair stylist. She’d been a client at Salon de la Vie for several years and recognized our special environment. That inspired her to join our family as an apprentice, Stylist and now as a Master Stylist. Ashley’s warm, empathetic manner are part of what inspire her work (no surprise, she once worked as a bartender). And her passion for creativity is what drives her. “Your hair is your biggest accessory – and when it’s great, it will totally make your look. So, I’m constantly researching all kinds of looks from vintage to fantasy to cutting edge trends –thinking about how they’d look on every one of my clients.” When she isn’t cutting hair, Ashley loves being a mom to her daughter, Livi!

Senior Stylist

Sarah Banks

Senior Stylist At Salon de la Vie since 2007


A high school cosmetology class convinced Sarah that her lifelong love of beautiful hairstyles would be a great career for her. Her natural talents earned her a place at Salon de la Vie when she was only a high school junior, and she entered our apprentice program upon graduation, giving her a jump-start to the advanced level at which she works today. Known by clients for her helpful, gentle manner, Sarah says, “I love making people feel pretty! No matter how someone feels when they come in, I always want to give them what they need to feel better about themselves when they leave.” In addition to her Salon de la Vie family, she is also mother to her toddler, Isaac.

Makeup & Lashes

Amy Crane

Founder, Amy Crane Makeup & Lashes


Amy Crane has been designing looks for the faces of actors and models for more than 20 years, working for top photographers, videographers and producers, as well as the Chanel and Armani brands. Salon de la Vie is proud to be the exclusive salon for Amy Crane Makeup & Lashes, Atlanta’s preeminent specialist for facial treatments, makeup, lashes and brows.


When she isn’t helping her clients find their own natural beauty, Amy loves the outdoors, trains dogs and brings her keen eye to support the State of Georgia’s Emergency Search and Rescue efforts with her Labrador Retriever and Belgian Malinois, Booth and Zena.


“I love helping women see the beautiful qualities that are – and always have been – their own. Too many people make the mistake of thinking that they have to look like someone else to be beautiful, when all they really need is the confidence boost that comes from seeing their own natural beauty. That’s why I founded Amy Crane Makeup & Lashes. And it’s why Salon de la Vie is such an excellent partner for my clients.”


Rebecca “Ruby” Ruben

Stylist At Salon de la Vie since 2017


Raised in Roswell, Ruby always loved helping friends with their hair, and experimenting with her own lovely locks. Building on a broad range of experiences in the hospitality field, Ruby joined our apprentice program, “because it’s a way to advance my education while actually working.” She says, “Every stylist here started out doing exactly what I am, which makes them such outstanding mentors. I think that creates such a positive working and learning environment.” Ruby adds that Salon de la Vie’s clients are a big part of why she loves coming to work every day. “It’s a special thing, getting to turn someone’s perception of themselves around – to show them how beautiful they are!”


Christina Mills

Stylist At Salon de la Vie since 2016


The daughter of a hair stylist, Christina can hardly recall a time when she didn’t want to be one, too. We first met her when she came in at age 15 and began shadowing our team members before joining us as an assistant at age 17. Excited to continue her education, she joined our apprentice program in 2018. “I love how family-oriented Salon de la Vie is. Even though every client’s look is designed by a specific stylist and colorist, they get the attention of the entire team. That’s why I love the apprentice program. I learn so much about the choices that the stylists and colorists are making, why they’re doing it. And that means I can support our clients with confidence.” Christina adds, “This is all I’ve ever wanted to do and I’m excited to be finally doing it!”


Sasha Wajchman

Free-spirited Sasha is all about positivity and joy, which she radiates everywhere she goes. She began her study of cosmetology while still in high school in New Jersey and earned her license by the time she was 17. “I like being able to find beauty everywhere – and I see my job as helping other people to see the beauty that I see in them. I love giving people that gift.” Sasha is also a fine artist (you can see one of her pieces in Amy Crane’s Brow & Lash studio). She loves her Boston Terrier, Marty, her shepherd-chow BB, her two snakes Brad & Francesca, and her eleven chickens.


Elizabeth Ramos

Liz first got into hair and makeup because she wanted to learn creative ways of styling her own lovely looks – only to discover a career! Born in California, Liz spent her early childhood in Mexico, returning to the United States when she was ten, ultimately settling in Georgia as an adult. After completing study at The Paul Mitchell School, she gravitated to Salon de la Vie’s family environment and the opportunity advance her education and achieve practical experience alongside Angie and Douglas. Liz affirms, “I love being in an environment of color, beauty and happiness.” She adds that in addition to building her own career, she looks forward to one day sharing her knowledge with a new generation of stylists. Liz is a loving parent to her stepchildren, her dog, and her two turtles.