Makeup, Lashes, and Brows


Salon de la Vie is proud to be the exclusive salon for Amy Crane Makeup & Lashes, Atlanta’s preeminent specialist for facial treatments, makeup, lashes and brows.

Amy Crane

Founder, Amy Crane Makeup & Lashes

Amy Crane has been designing looks for the faces of actors and models for more than 20 years, working for top photographers, videographers and producers, as well as the Chanel and Armani brands.
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Wonder why celebrities look stunning in every photo? It’s because a professional artist has created just the right makeup look to hide the flaws and emphasize the gorgeous. But why should they have all the fun? Let us create a celebrity-worthy look for you. We use the finest line of mineral makeup – free of heavy metals and fillers – airbrushed for a flawless look in photos and videos that also looks natural in person. It’s a customized look that says WOW – and you can get it it any time you want it. #YouOnlyBetter #FantasyAsReality #FaceOn #Gorgeous


Lash extensions bring a dazzling accent to your eyes – whether you want a look that’s naturally thick and fluttery or ultra-glam. We use the highest quality products with varying degrees of curl, ranging in length from 8 mm to 16 mm for a custom designed look for your eyes, your face, your style. Lift & Tint offers a different kind of look by darkening your natural lashes and enhancing them with a curl that gently lifts them – no more daily squeezing by mechanical curlers! The result is soft and lush, highlighting lashes you never even knew you had! Either way, you’ll be able say, “Oh, I just wake up like this,” with gorgeously framed, Instagram-ready eyes, every single day. #BrightEyed #Awake #NoMakeup #NoFilters #TheEyesHaveIt


Brow Waxing tames unruly eyebrows and removes unwanted brow hair for cleaner, crisper brows that follow their natural shape. Brow Sculpting combines waxing and gentle tweezing with tinting using long-lasting dyes specially designed for the unique qualities of brow hair. The results minimize damage caused by over-plucking, reduce “brow scowl” and give your face an eye-brightening lift. Both services deliver a custom-designed frame for your eyes and face. #HighbrowEyebrow#NoCutFacelift #PerfectFrame#TheEyesHaveIt

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About Amy Crane

With more than 40 years of combined experience in the hair industry, co-owners and creative directors Angie and Douglas Bullman give clients not just a fresh haircut and color but a lifetime of refined knowledge. Angie has been recognized industry-wide for her creativity and knowledge and Douglas’ artistic vision and studies of color/light dynamics make him one of the most innovative colorist/stylists working today.

This husband and wife team fosters a team-oriented environment in which everyone works together to deliver the best possible experience to all who step through the door. Committed to the cutting edge of style, they attend leading hair shows all over the country each year, including the prestigious Intercoiffure Show in New York. Additionally, their advanced education seminars are in demand by stylists and salon owners nationwide, as they nurture the next generation of stylists, including:

Together, the Salon de la Vie team create styles that range from sophisticated to sexy, from easygoing to edgy. Always extraordinary. Always you.