Cut & Style

colorWhy settle for the cut you’ve always had – or the look that “everyone” is wearing? Highlight those fabulous cheekbones, those expressive eyes, that extraordinary smile, or reduce those features you’d just as soon not worry about. Let us design the cut that makes every day a “good hair” day.
colorDo blondes have more fun? Are redheads more exciting? Brunettes more mysterious? Can silver strands be sexy? Want to look like you were born with those highlights? How about something color like purple, pink or lime? Fantasy elements like feathers and jewels? Are you ready to cheat the aging process? Salon de la Vie’s advanced color services can make it happen. Oh – and be sure to ask about our custom color formulations – designed from scratch to they give you healthier, shinier, richer-looking hair.
Some people have spectacular hair that catches the light and shimmers with subtle shading. Luminous hair that could only be natural – or is it something else? You can have multi-dimensional, “born with it” highlights and hair color with Balayage – a technique that allows your stylist to artistically paint color and highlights into your hair. Beware of imitators – because this technique requires years of advanced study to deliver for that naturally luminescent look.
Whether you want the body and flow of waves, a playful bounce of curls, or the latest keratin treatment to turn unruly frizz into sexy, shiny, manageable waves, we’ve got it. Forget those old-style ideas of harsh, caustic processing. Be done with forcing your hair into shape every day. A good hair day every day is right here.
Whether your hair has been over processed or just plain stressed, let us give your hair the extra TLC it needs to repair weakened strands and un-do damage with results that last. If your hair has been thirsty for extra moisture and strength, this is the long, cool drink it’s been wanting.
Wonder why celebrities look stunning in every photo? It’s because a professional artist has created just the right makeup look to hide the flaws and emphasize the gorgeous. But why should they have all the fun? Let our professional artists create a celebrity-worthy look for you with the finest line of mineral makeup – free of heavy metals and fillers – for a customized look that says WOW – any time you want it.
As spectacular as we make your hair, there are some places where you just don’t want fuzz. Our brow and lip waxes give your face a look that’s smooth and flawless. Quick. Easy. And the results last for weeks.
Important lunch or big meeting? Not ready for a new cut or trim? Sometimes, your hair just needs that little something extra that comes from professional attention. You deserve to feel that good. So, go ahead. Treat yourself.
The date is coming up – and you’ve got to look stunning. Indulge your inner sophisticate. Show off your romantic side. Be more than a little dramatic. Bring in your dress and let’s give you hair and makeup that will dazzle everyone. Weddings. Proms. Homecomings. Dances. Special evenings – or times that just feel that way.