FAQ About Lashes


Salon de la Vie is proud to be the exclusive salon for Amy Crane Makeup & Lashes, Atlanta’s preeminent specialist for facial treatments, makeup, lashes and brows.

Amy Crane

Founder, Amy Crane Makeup & Lashes

Amy Crane has been designing looks for the faces of actors and models for more than 20 years, working for top photographers, videographers and producers, as well as the Chanel and Armani brands.
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Are lash extensions and Lift & Tint safe?

Yes. Amy Crane uses only the highest quality lashes, medical-grade adhesives, dyes and curling agents, making them safe for virtually everyone – even people who wear contact lenses! In fact, because you won’t need mascara, they can be even gentler on your eyes than daily makeup and makeup remover. Of course, if you have specific concerns, allergies or sensitivities, please share them with us so we can help you choose the right approach for your lashes.

How long does it take? And how long does it last?

The first time you get lash extensions, expect to spend about two hours at Salon de la Vie as we work with you to design the right look for your eyes, carefully applying an average of 100+ extensions to each eye. After that, with normal growth and shedding of your natural lashes, you’ll want to come in every 2-3 weeks for “touch ups,” which take about an hour. The Lift & Tint process take about an hour and lasts about six to eight weeks.

Is either process uncomfortable?

No! Lash enhancements are only painful when applied by inexperienced technicians and/or with lower-end products. We create a spa-like atmosphere and Amy is so gentle that many of our clients actually fall asleep during the application process (which is why some clients prefer to remove their contact lenses)! Our priority is always your comfort and delight.

Are lash extensions easy to take care of?

Yes! A quick sweep with a soft brush should keep your lashes looking gorgeous every day, all day. You do need to keep them from getting wet during the first 24 hours, but after that, you can swim, shower and even wash them with soap and water! We do recommend that you avoid harsh makeup, removers and oils, as these can affect the longevity the lash adhesives.

What kind of training and certification do you have?

Amy first trained as a makeup and skincare product specialist with the Chanel and Armani brands. She is a certified Classic Lash Technician, earned from the Lash Designory. Her iconic brow sculpting technique is her own, honed from years of working in the fashion, commercial, and makeup industries. Her work has been regularly featured in several magazines and on HGTV.

With more than 40 years of combined experience in the hair industry, co-owners and creative directors Angie and Douglas Bullman give clients not just a fresh haircut and color but a lifetime of refined knowledge. Angie has been recognized industry-wide for her creativity and knowledge and Douglas’ artistic vision and studies of color/light dynamics make him one of the most innovative colorist/stylists working today.

This husband and wife team fosters a team-oriented environment in which everyone works together to deliver the best possible experience to all who step through the door. Committed to the cutting edge of style, they attend leading hair shows all over the country each year, including the prestigious Intercoiffure Show in New York. Additionally, their advanced education seminars are in demand by stylists and salon owners nationwide, as they nurture the next generation of stylists, including:

Together, the Salon de la Vie team create styles that range from sophisticated to sexy, from easygoing to edgy. Always extraordinary. Always you.