Meet the Team (backup)


Executive Co-Owners

Douglas Bullman

Creative Director / Master Colorist

Co-founder with his wife Angie, Douglas is our senior master colorist. His loves are his family and his business and enjoys spending his days off attending church, and spending lots of quality time with the kids.

Angie Bullman

Creative Director / Master Stylist

Proud co-founder, Angie is our head stylist and she just loves living and working in Roswell. On her days off she enjoys attending Northpoint Church and taking the kids to sports and family outings.
With more than 40 years of combined experience in the hair industry, co-owners and creative directors Angie and Douglas Bullman give clients not just a fresh haircut and color but a lifetime of refined knowledge. Angie has been recognized industry-wide for her creativity and knowledge and Douglas’ artistic vision and studies of color/light dynamics make him one of the most innovative colorist/stylists working today. This husband and wife team fosters a team-oriented environment in which everyone works together to deliver the best possible experience to all who step through the door. Committed to the cutting edge of style, they attend leading hair shows all over the country each year, including the prestigious Intercoiffure Show in New York. Additionally, their advanced education seminars are in demand by stylists and salon owners nationwide, as they nurture the next generation of stylists, including:

Our Team of Specialists

Sarah Banks

Senior Stylist

Sarah joined the Salon de la Vie team in 2007 when she was still in high school and decided that this was the place to build her career. The beautiful styles she creates each day remind us what a great decision that was!

Briana Boyd (Bri)


Briana brings her own special, sunny charm to work every day. Always enthusiastic about the needs of every client, she combines her youthful vision with an eye for each client’s personal sense of style. She joined the Salon de la Vie team in 2013.

Nikki McCrimmon


Nicki joined Salon de la Vie in 2014. This Roswell native brings equal parts sweetness and enthusiasm to everything she does – and we are so pleased to have her on our team!

Rachel Norman


Rachel joined Salon de la Vie in 2014. This East Cobb cutie brings her infectious personality to everything she does – and we are so blessed to have her on our team!
Together, the Salon de la Vie team create styles that range from sophisticated to sexy, from easygoing to edgy. Always extraordinary. Always you.